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AI Wealth Engine was established in 2020 by the New Economy Fund under Singapore's Capital Group. We are partnered with multiple top-tier operators certified as the top 10% most influential on TikTok. The mission is to build a secure and reliable value-added ecosystem, achieving a three-way win for consumers, fund communities, and investors, and jointly achieving wealth growth!


As a high-impact service provider on TikTok, we have 8 years of experience in live-streaming e-commerce and have incubated over a thousand livestream hosts. With the booming trend of AI-powered live commerce, our company is targeting the potential of artificial intelligence development and dedicatedly building an international brand. We aim to provide users interested in investing in the field of artificial intelligence with a low-threshold, high-profit way to continuously increase personal wealth. In view of this, we have established the "AI Wealth Engine," creating a novel business model that combines both profitability and investment in a value-added consumption ecosystem.

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Determined to become one of the world's leading AI companies, build a new value-added consumption ecosystem through innovative technology and excellent services, and achieve the goal of sustainable development.


Through high-end AI technology and innovative thinking, promote the progress and development of global technology, change people's entertainment and investment methods, and achieve a more personalized artificial intelligence experience.

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AIA and AIB Token Ecosystem

AI Wealth Engine will establish a foundation based on AIA and AIB tokens, combining blockchain and advanced artificial intelligence technology, so that everyone can easily hold encrypted assets, assist the world to accelerate the development of the encrypted market, and create virtual currency The transaction trend enables every user to experience the super high profits and benefits brought by the value-added ecosystem! Without spending too much time and cost, you can trade, invest and make profits through the platform anytime, anywhere!

AI Wealth Engine is committed to creating the future development trend of the Internet. With the continuous development of the metaverse concept, WEB3.0 will be closer to people's future life. 3.0 will be jointly established by users. Through the serial development of blockchain, every user can control their own assets and related data. AI Wealth Engine will also use the profits of the foundation to invest in more popular projects and increase User benefits and sustainable development strategies to optimize the platform.


The important pathway to establish a fund pool

Earn daily profits from mining

Higher returns can be obtained through community upgrades


Unable to purchase, needs to be obtained through staking (staking to mine AIB)

Stake 1:1 U and AIA to earn a certain proportion of AIB daily

Invest in promising projects to get ROI, then reinvest the profits into the flash exchange pool to increase investors' returns

Why Choose Us?

Low barriers to participation

Join with a minimum of 100USDT, everyone have chance to become rich

Foundation endorsement

Endorsed by experienced industry experts to enhance investor confidence

Stable income

Invest the profits into the AI outlet project, and continue to generate cash income every day



Earn profits through mining, flash swap, upgrade system and team benefits

Unable to purchase, needs to be obtained through staking (staking to mine AIB)

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